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Two new FFVIII covers

Hey all, Two new FFVIII covers below. Went to the Final Symphony show in London yesterday. Good lord, the FFVII symphony was nothing short of breathtaking – the rest wasn’t bad either! Don’t Be Afraid Tell Me  

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5 Final Fantasy IX Tributes

Danger in the Forest (Evil Forest Theme) Over The Hill (World Map theme) Kuja’s Theme The South Gate Village of Dali More covers can be found at

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Waltz For The Moon

Playing Theatrhythm reminded me that I still had this left from the FF8 recordings. It was left off the album as it was too similar to Love Grows.

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You Can Hear The Cry…

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Alice In Chains – Nutshell piano cover

An amazing song, is Nutshell. Although the studio version is brilliant, the live unplugged version serves as both a great rendition and a harrowing reminder of the dangers of drug use. Anyway, even though I did this more than two … Continue reading

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Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home piano tribute

So I’m not the biggest fan of FFDP (music aside, it annoys me that they don’t hyphenate ‘Five Finger’), but Far From Home is a great track, despite the autotune. It’s probably my most popular cover on YouTube, because I … Continue reading

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