Reviews, new videos, and news

Hi all, has posted another great review of one of my albums, this time it’s Fragments of Memories, the Melancholy Tribute to FFVIII. You can read it at:

You can also read the FFVII album review at:

And the FFIX one at:

Throughout July things got pretty heavy in my day job, so I didn’t have much free time. However, I’ve put up three new FF covers in the last few days, which you can check out below.

Unrequited Love (from FFIX):

Qu’s Marsh (also from FFIX):

Buried in the Snow (from FFVII):


Also, some of the tracks from the FFVII album have been featured in an audiobook that’s been uploaded to YouTube. Listen to Part 1 below:

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  1. Jе suis entièrement en accord avec vous

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