Two new FFVIII covers

Hey all,

Two new FFVIII covers below. Went to the Final Symphony show in London yesterday. Good lord, the FFVII symphony was nothing short of breathtaking – the rest wasn’t bad either!

Don’t Be Afraid

Tell Me


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3 Responses to Two new FFVIII covers

  1. Lucy says:

    Final Symphony was amazing… Words drowned by Fireworks got me, then Tifa’s theme, then when they went into Cid’s theme, Great Warrior, Jenova Absolute… XD Songs that don’t really get a look in at Distant Worlds but are wonderful pieces. I feel so lucky to have gone!

    Did you get to meet Uematsu and Hamauzu? There’s so much I wish I could have said to them, but couldn’t!

    (Amazing melancholy works as always!)

    • Yeah, I got FFVII and FFX signed – shame there was no photography allowed.

      It was so good! Cid’s Theme was amazing. Do you know when Distant Worlds will be back on our shores?

      • Lucy says:

        We managed to get a few sneaky photographs in, but they were rubbish! Just ones where we’re getting things signed…

        Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any UK shows coming up 😦 I just keep checking the website, and the facebook group often post updates! I’m actually considering going to one of the European concerts if need be!

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