Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home piano tribute

So I’m not the biggest fan of FFDP (music aside, it annoys me that they don’t hyphenate ‘Five Finger’), but Far From Home is a great track, despite the autotune. It’s probably my most popular cover on YouTube, because I think I hit the sweet spot in terms of timing and popularity.

I’ve done plenty of other covers for far more and far less popular songs, and they’ve not done very well – but I think Far From Home is popular enough for people to recognise, but not popular enough for everyone better than me to cover it. My girlfriend watches Criminal Minds *shudder* and I heard it on that, so I guess it’s fairly popular.

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7 Responses to Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home piano tribute

  1. Audrey says:

    This song is absolutely beautiful on the piano…is there any way that I can buy the sheet music for it? I would be really grateful. Thanks so much, love your work!

  2. Smokey Willow says:

    This is one of my favorite songs ever, and hearing it played by piano is 10x as beautiful, Thank you! This literally made my week, it inspired me to get back into playing the piano again so I can learn this lol 🙂

  3. Sonam says:

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