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As you may have gathered, I don’t post on this blog any more. However, I’m still arranging and performing VGM covers! Please go to and follow me for all future updates.


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A Fleeting Dream: Melancholy Tribute To FFX review!

Those kind folks at have posted a review of my Final Fantasy X tribute album. You can check it out here!

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Zelda and future projects

First post in a while!

I have a new album out – A Melancholy Tribute To The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. You can download it from Loudr here and iTunes here. Spotify, Google Play and other services coming soon.


Artwork by Yasmin Foster

Up next, I’ll be updating the Final Fantasy IX album to bring it in line with the others. It’ll have more track and some changes to the existing ones. Expect it in mid-October. After that I’ll be looking at a couple of tributes for more modern games, as well as some new original material.

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New stuff on Spotify!

Hi all,

Just to let you know that all my albums can now be listened to on Spotify!

Check out my artist page: TPR

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Reviews, new videos, and news

Hi all, has posted another great review of one of my albums, this time it’s Fragments of Memories, the Melancholy Tribute to FFVIII. You can read it at:

You can also read the FFVII album review at:

And the FFIX one at:

Throughout July things got pretty heavy in my day job, so I didn’t have much free time. However, I’ve put up three new FF covers in the last few days, which you can check out below.

Unrequited Love (from FFIX):

Qu’s Marsh (also from FFIX):

Buried in the Snow (from FFVII):


Also, some of the tracks from the FFVII album have been featured in an audiobook that’s been uploaded to YouTube. Listen to Part 1 below:

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New album out now – all proceeds go to charity

Hi guys, hope you’re all well.

I’ve just released a new album… well kind of new anyway! It’s a collection of originals I’ve written over the past five years, ranging from piano solo stuff to multi-layered tunes. It’s called The Noctography.


Anyway, on to the important stuff! A colleague of mine is running the 10-mile Great South Run in October for Diabetes UK, and I’d like to help out by donating all proceeds from the album to the charity.

Now, I’ve got 200 free download codes for the album from Bandcamp, and I thought it would be a good idea to give them to people who would like to donate too.

First of all, it would be great if you could like the TPR Facebook page at:

The link to the donation page is here:

If you donate $5 or more then just send me a message on Facebook (might be a good idea to donate using the same name as your Facebook profile!) and within 24 hours I’ll send over a code for you to download the album!

If you want to check out the album then you can do so in full here: or by checking out the widget below.

Of course, if you just want to buy the album through Bandcamp you can – all proceeds will still go to charity – but some money will have to go to Bandcamp that way. It’s on sale for $6.99.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for reading.

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Final Heaven review

The folks at have posted a review of Final Heaven: A Melancholy Tribute To Final Fantasy VII.

Check it out at:

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Two new FFVIII covers

Hey all,

Two new FFVIII covers below. Went to the Final Symphony show in London yesterday. Good lord, the FFVII symphony was nothing short of breathtaking – the rest wasn’t bad either!

Don’t Be Afraid

Tell Me


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Thanks & a couple of new FFVIII covers

First of all, I’d like to say a massive ‘thank you’ to everyone who has bought, commented on, liked, watched and listened to Final Heaven. It’s quite frankly amazing (yet not in any way surprising) to see how much love people have for the FFVII soundtrack all these years later. Over 10,000 views in 3 weeks is unheard of for me, and my humble YouTube channel is on its way to 1,000 subscribers – something I could never have foreseen less than a month ago.

Anyway, with Final Heaven done, it’s time to move on to FFVIII stuff. Here are a couple of new tributes.

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Final Heaven: A Melancholy Tribute to Final Fantasy VII is on sale now

Final Heaven

A re-recorded compilation of the two FFVII tributes (plus 5 new ones) is now on sale.

It’s available to download from iTunes at and Joypad Records at

Alternatively, check out the album in its entirety on YouTube at:

Artwork by Yasmin Foster.

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